Pavagadh Vadodara

Pavagadh Vadodara

If you are in Vadodara or planning to visit Vadodara, then we hugely telling you that make a plan for pavagadh in Vadodara, A religious place for the worshippers of Devi Mahakali or hill station for the visitors. It also has temples of Jains. Pavagadh is a well known hilly place in Gujarat too! And one best part about Pavagadh for youngsters is, Pavagadh is the best and ever photoshoot place in Vadodara!

The most nearest place from Pavagadh is Vadodara,
So you can take a car from Vadodara. From Vadodara, it would hardly take 50 minutes to 1 hour to reach Pavagadh. The Pavagadh hills start from the Champaner Nagari. There are approximately 1800 steps to reach to the top of Pavagadh hill. So you can easily have a pleasant walk with your family to the top. But if you have an elder with you or you cannot walk so much then there is also a rope facility. So you can use it. The rope crane will drop you before 40 to 50 steps from the Mahakali temple. You have to walk that much to reach the top and see the beautiful view and take blessings of Goddess Mahakali.

The reason why Pavagadh hill is so crucial in terms of religion is that. When Devi Sati took the Agni Pravesh after the insult of Mahadev by her Dad. Mahadev got unconsciously angry and took the body of Devi Sati and started their Tandav in all over the world. As a result, the parts of the body of Devi Sati falling on the Ground. And Pavagadh was the place where the right toe fell. Therefore it was named as Pavagadh.

The most interesting view on Pavagadh is the fog. The fog can make you feel that the clouds are floating beside you. And to experience this, you should visit Pavagadh in the morning period. So you can reach the top before the sun rises to the top in the sky. The reason behind having fog on the top is said that the hill is covered by land on the four sides. So the cold and smoothing air keeps flowing all the time without any disturbance from all the sides. The greenery which is seen from the top of Pavagadh is just mesmerizing and unforgettable. All the visitors first go to the temple and worship Devi Mahakali and then plans to explore the hill. Besides the greenery, there is a river which is named as Vishwamitra. It is said that the great Maharshi Vishwamitra used to worship and pray near the river. The glory and the beauty of the place cannot be described in words. There is always fair once in a year on Pavagadh. Especially during Navratri, Pavagadh becomes the most visited place by visitors or the devotees.

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