5 Rs Sai Chutney Bun Samosa in Vadodara


Sai chutney Bun samosa is a very famous street Food in Vadodara itself.
A couple of Vadodara Serving bun samosa at very affordable pricing,
Have you ever wonder about eating something in 5rs?

Sai chutney location is so closed to Offices and Schools of Vadodara; there are mostly 3 Schools Near Sai chutney Bun samosa and 100s of Office near it. All the employees working in the Office and all the students of school visit Sai chutney Bun samosa for lunch. because of the great Taste and Affordable Pricing

Our Review

When we visited Sai chutney Bun Samosa, We found that a lot of people Gathered that Stall for Receiving their Bun Samosa & all of them were in a hurry and in a stall there is one couple who was serving bun samosa so Quickly, We received our bun samosa they didn’t ask for the money they said first to eat and then pay, That’s Means they are not focused in business terms they only want to provide best tasty, affordable food to Workers and students.

Bun Samaso was served in a newspaper piece, and There was a Sweet and Spicy Chutney inside the bun! The Taste was so excellent that every age group will love the Taste, No matter whats your Age is

We also noticed that one Mercedes Owner Parked his car and Bought a Parcel of Bun samosa, which makes us strange that even rich people are finding this Bun Samosa tasty.

We Spent Over 30 min in Sai Chutney bun Samosa Center, and at that time, they have sold more than 100 Bun samosa in just 30 min!

Some Basic Information

1) Address – Rajguru Mahadev Marg, Navapura, Vadodara, Gujarat 390001
2) 2 People Avg Cost: Rs 60
3) 9 Am to 2 Pm

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