15 Best Restaurants In Vadodara

15 Best Restaurants In Vadodara

Wondering about which are the Best Restaurants in Vadodara 

We have a list of top 15 restaurants in Vadodara in mid-range Budget, A restaurants which will serve you the best quality and tasty food in affordable rates in the City Vadodara 

1) Silver - Makarpura Road

A trusted Restaurant in the city; Here you will find varieties of Dishes at such affordable rates, and the main thing is their taste; here, you will find very delicious dishes that you will melt by food.

If you are in Manjalpur Vadodara or Near Makarpura Road, we highly recommend you to visit Silver COin restaurant in Vadodara. 

  • 500 Rs Average Price for 2 Person
  • Google Map (Click Here)
  • Our rating = 4.8 star
  • Our Recommend Food to try is Panner Tawa with Butter Naan

2) Hariyali restaurant, Waghodia Road

Tired of Boring Food and carving for taste? Hariyali restaurant will help you out to generate a feeling of in your Mouth.
A Veg Hotel with tasty food and excellent service will melt your heart, Visit this Restaurant for dinner and this will be your Best Experience ever.
If you are near Waghodia Road of Vadodara or just passing by National 8 Highway, You should Visit this Restuarant

  • 500 Rs Average Price for 2 Person
  • Google Map (Click Here)
  • Our rating = 4.5 star
  • Our Recommend Food to try is Panner Tawa with Butter Naan

3) Sarvottam, NH-8

One of the best restaurants all over in Vadodara, This restaurant purely know for the taste they deliver to Customer, This Restuarant in basically outside of the city Vadodara; this restaurant present in National highway 8, But Still People are going there to eat just because of taste.
Passing from Vadodara or Living in Vadodara this restaurant will catch your heart by their taste.

4) Sigdi, Akshar Chowk

Sigdi a unique name and unique food taste, both of this combination can be a different experience and also with the affordable rating. The restaurant serves cuisines like Pure Vegetarian, Chinese, Biryani, Punjabi, South Indian, Multicuisine, Mughlai, North Indian, Indian, Continental.

5) Dawat Food Resort Baroda- NH8

Have you ever thought of food Resort?

Yes, We Vadodara have it, We have the best food resort ever named Dawat Food Resort, The experience Dawat food resort will give you is not only about food, The peace, A quality time with special one and lot more.

we can call it a best peaceful restaurant all over in Vadodara

6) Sasumaa's , Waghodia Road

Want to have competition between your loved once of how much you both can eat? Yes Sasumaa’s Restuarant in the best place for this Competition, A mouth-watering Unlimited Dishes will amaze you with the Typical Gujarati food they offer.

Sasuma’s is also serving Punjabi dishes, but we are highly recommending you to go for Gujarati dish

7) Rangoli, Fatehgunj

A buffet system restaurant with fantastic taste and best menu ever. Come here for unlimited food with affordable pricing, the best place for small Party with friends and family and that’s why we have listed this restaurant in best Restaurants in vadodara

8) Gordhan Thal, Alkapuri - 1 of the Best Restaurants in Vadodara for Kathiyawadi food

And in this list of top Restaurant in Baroda, How can someone forget the Best typical Gujarati food Serving Restaurant Mohan thal, We don’t know how to present this Restaurant because we cant share the Taste of food with this words, Just visit this hotel and taste the food, You will get surprised!

9) New Alka, Alkapuri

New Alka, A restaurant which can provide your food with fantastic taste & affordable rates, The restaurant serves cuisines like Chinese, Fast Food, North Indian, South Indian, Pure Vegetarian, Punjabi, Multicuisine, Indian.

10) Mohanthal, Race Course

And again we have to come for Gujarati thali because, how can we Unlist the tastefully food Mohanthal, A restaurant know for the Gujarati thali in Vadodara City

11) Shiv Shakti, Muchmuada

Do you want to experience a Pure India Sitting with Pure Indian food? The restaurant serves cuisines like Gujarati, Indian, Kathiyawadi.
Which can amaze with the taste of food and the experience of Pure Indian Sitting

12) 22nd parallel, Alkapuri

Hey want to go for a stylish and tasty Food, Or craving for it, We highly recommend you to have a visit at 22nd Parallel For the Great food they Serve

13) Sankalp, Race Course

Want to have dinner with unusual Sitting Attraction or A simple Theme? Then have it in Sankalp Restaurant. In Baroda, We bet that you won’t be disappointed.

14) Surya Prakash, Raopura

Suryaprakash One of the Oldest Restaurants in the city,
And the main thing is this Restaurant is exactly middle of the Vadodara, Have food with the experience of the oldest Restaurant in Vadodara, The taste of the food is Amazing and best

15) Balle Balle, Market Road

Did you Vadodara also have mini Punjab?
Yes we have balle balle restaurant as a mini Punjab., Evert staff of this restaurant is Punjabi and the Punjabi dishes are that much delicious that they can overtake big luxurious 5 start restaurants too.

So guys here are the list of top 15 Best Restaurants in Vadodara where you will never disappoint by the taste, and all restaurants are Pocket friendly.

We have shortlisted and listed this Restaurant in terms of taste and Pocket friendly. We have asked total 50 people who are living in Vadodara that which Restaurant is best and this all name Above we mentioned is the top on every on the list, and we have personally visited at all the Restaurant, and we find that this Restaurant is the best in taste and service so that’s was the list of 15 Best Restaurant in Vadodara

Thank you so much

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